Expat Childbirth Classes

I offer childbirth preparation in English for expat families in Munich. My classes usually take place at a really cute, Hawaiian themed pregnancy and parenthood center in Munich, Germany. It is called “Das kleine Paradies” and offers a variety of services during pregnancy and beyond. I also teach some classes at the Beratungsstelle für Natürliche Geburt near Goetheplatz.

I can switch all my classes to virtual at any time if needed due to Corona regulations. I can start a class anytime, as soon as I have 2-3 intersted parties. So please feel free to contact me anytime, when you need one.

During my childbirth classes, we will prepare by covering a variety of topics.

We will talk about the importance of pregnancy for your birth experience, as well as the physiology and anatomy of birth. I put a lot of emphasis on coping and comfort measures that support thephysiological birth process. We will discuss the pros and cons of different interventions. Also, we will talk about belly birth (cesarean birth) and all the options around that, extensively. A fourth of the class is dedicated for everything postpartum: from the golden hour, over different ways of feeding your baby to little hacks for life with a newborn.

I will show you how to find evidence-based information on all the topics that are crucial for you. However, my focus while helping you attune for the birth of your child is on mindfulness and the practice of deep relaxation. Our minds and bodies are deeply intertwined, and these interactions powerfully influence our emotions. The emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation will help you to create a calmer and more peaceful birth experience.

Upcoming Courses

Winter class
October 30, November 6, November 13, November 20*
Fridays, 5.30 pm – 8pm

When to come? Plan for the last class to be before or around 37 weeks pregnant

Where to go? For now I expect the class to be an live class at Das kleine Paradies, Blutenburgstraße 79, 80634 München.

In case that is not possible, the class will be held online via zoom.

*As I attend births as a doula and births tend to happen at unexpected times, I might have to sometimes cancel a class. In that event I would add another Friday to the mix.


A four evening class costs 230,00 Euro. The costs include the birthing parent and one partner. Single or underage mothers can always contact me for indidvidual solutions.

As I am not a midwife most insurance companies will not cover the costs of this class. It is always worth it to ask though.

Private childbirth classes

If you would feel more comfortable in a private setting, I will create a 3-hour customized class for you and your support person. We will discuss ways to prepare for birth, the anatomy and the physiology of birth, as well as comfort measures for labor. If desired I can help you create a birth plan. Also we will cover what to expect postpartum, breatsfeeding tips and how to prepare for life with a newborn.

The 3 hour class costs 160 Euro.


Please use my contact form or sign up via email: info@doulajohanna.com

Once you are registered you will receive a bill via email that is due one week before the course begins.

Refunds will be given only if the birth occurs before class begins.

We must give women the opportunity to challenge their fears, work with them, and birth through them. Not only will this change each woman, it will change the political and medical climate in which they make these choices. - Connee L. Pike.Urlacher