In January, I got an assignment at the wonderful womens circle I am lucky enough to be a part of. The prompt was “the five people I have become this year”. This is what came up for me:⁠

This year, I have become a birth doula. I was invited to sacred spaces where I breathed with my sisters and cried tears of pain and joy.⁠

I have become the mother of two little girls who are not that little anymore, who need me less everyday and still need all of me.⁠

This year I have become an artist. I don’t own a brush and my books still only exist in my dreams. But I am showing up to the page everyday and that’s enough for now.⁠

I have become a lover this year, really feeling and cherishing my body for the first time in a long time.⁠

This year I have become my best friend despite all the times I lost it, lost myself.
I found my way back and I am ready now to love all the people I will become. Next year.⁠

@sashaeko I cannot thank you enough for creating the Mothers Moon Collective. The connection, inspiration and amazement I feel after every call is overwhelming. I am so grateful for this place where we can remember that we are mothers but also so much more.⁠

I also want to thank @rotemplg for taking that photo of one of the last times my younger daughter was nursing. It means the world to me.⁠