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My name is Johanna and I am an English-speaking birth doula in Munich and I also offer childbirth preparation and postpartum classes. If you need some guidance while preparing for the birth of your child, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your story.

Supporting women and their families through pregnancy, birth and the fresh postpartum experience is what I do and what I love. For me the time around birth is very special, even sacred. I consider it a great honour if a family invites me to be part of their journey. Bringing a child into the world you are faced with unbelievable joy and happiness, but also with a lot of decisions and sometimes obstacles. Especially if you are away from home. I am happy to help you navigate this adventure.

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Birth is a rite of passage for women. Their journey should be honored, their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared. - Marcie Macari